Wednesday, June 20, 2012

mixed media

i know its the first day of summer but i just can't help myself! i love little jackets. i decided that i would purchase this one as a birthday gift to myself, i turned 22 (my lucky number!) on monday :)

i seem to be on quite the zara binge lately, but they have so much stuff i just love! i wish i had a store near my house, thank goodness for free shipping.

i purchased this jacket in a small and although the sleeves are a bit too long and slightly too wide the shoulders fit perfect and the body isn't too snug (i wanted to be able to wear sweaters under it when the weather gets cooler and still be able to zip it). the sleeves don't bother me because i always push up the sleeves on jackets like this so they're almost 3/4 sleeves. i think jackets look cuter on me that way (probably because i have short arms and long jacket sleeves tend to make them look even shorter).

loving this jacket! yay for adding a new staple piece to my jacket!


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  1. Love that jacket!! It will look so pretty on you :)