Wednesday, January 18, 2012

puppy love

i've been trying to convince my parents to let me get a pup since i've lived alone for almost two years now, but they're sticking to "when you move out of our house" (doesn't living 700 miles away from the house they live in count for anything?). so since i'll be living in their vacation home for a while longer i guess i'll just have to deal. i did snatch a little pup from my best's grandma for a night! they found her and her brother hiding under their shed! they think someone just dropped them on the road! so sad! heres the sweet little gal!

i named her Nya and her little ears would perk up every time i said it! so sweet! and she would cry every time i left the room until she got up and found me! and she would play with her little elephant toy i bought her! just adorable! do i need to say i was just in love? it was so nice having such a cuddly little babe to play with all day!


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  1. This puppy is too cute! Thanks for sharing :)