Thursday, May 3, 2012

bad start

may isn't starting out how i planned. this morning i woke up... with no eyebrows. i know, i know, i know. i should be thankful that i even woke up this morning, but the vanity in me is screaming, crying, hyperventilating. my eyebrows are the size of a pencil line! i look like a clown! its honestly horrifying to look at myself in the mirror. you see i graduate from college this saturday, woohoo i made it! but i lost my eyebrows in the process. for the past three years i've been growing out my eyebrows, i LOVED them. seriously. loved. i was so happy with them! but the shape of one of them got just a little off, and when my eyebrows are thick its noticeable. when i lived in new jersey i used to just go get them threaded and everything would be cleaned up and fixed up. like bam, megan fox shaped eyebrows in under a minute. perfect. but that doesn't seem to exist in south carolina, so i let my eyebrows run free for three weeks and my best friend took me to get my eyebrows waxed where she gets hers done. i was thrilled! so excited! clean brows for graduation! and so the waxing started. i brought a picture. i said i just wanted the spare hairs cleaned up, a little evening out, you know? and the first wax came, and she let me look in the mirror.  yay! pretty clean brows! so she did the other side. no mirror. and then she said she was going to clean them up a little. you see one of my brows grows in square, the other rounded. i know that, they've always grown like that. i told her i just cut the tops down of the beginning of my brows slightly and poof! that problem is gone. but she took her tweezers and "cleaned up" the "spare hairs" the wax didn't get. yeah. right. the next time i looked in the mirror my eyebrows were GONE. i didn't tell her this was the worst my eyebrow have ever looked in my life (it is). i just left. and balled my eyes out in the car while my girlfriend apologized (so not her fault, love her to death for taking me to get an eyebrow pencil). and what's even better? the wax burnt me! so now i have no eyebrows and third degree burns. lets just say my graduation is no longer a day i want to remember, i'll be hiding from cameras all day. i've never drawn my eyebrows on before, heck, i've never even penciled them in. they just don't need it! i love them naturally. unfortunately the only way i have anything that can even be called an eyebrow is if i draw them on. its awful. i need some help. asap.

heres to hoping may turns around.

if you read my rant please, please, please tell me your may is going better than mine! i want to read some happy stories!


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