Saturday, May 19, 2012

summer coffee

i'm not the biggest fan of colors -- scratch that -- i'm not the biggest fan of wearing colors. sure, some colors suit me, but i don't feel like me in them, so i tend to stick to blacks/whites/blues (and coral in the summer!). i feel like i'm branching out of my comfort zone and into a new comfort zone. neutrals.

i'm honestly swooning over everything neutral (and i love how they look on my skin tone!). i've been purchasing a lot of neutrals lately (can't wait to show you my lace shorts!) but these are my favorite thing so far!

jessica simpson "dany" platforms in coffee summer haze

i can't wait to wear these with everything! on my toes is essie's "turquoise&caicos" which i'll probably be wearing all summer - i love this color combo!

have you purchased any great neutrals lately?



  1. J'aime tes chaussures!!! Elles sont chouettes:)

    Angela Donava

  2. This is so nice!!
    what do you say about following each other?;)